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Demolition and Removal of a Footbridge at Barming Station, Kent

Working over a period of several nights with a small team of specialist contractors, Power + Line removed an obsolete footbridge bridge over the railway line at Barming Station in Kent. A new bridge had already been provided further along the platform due to the poor condition of the existing structure, and we had to ensure that each stage of the work was fully completed before the trains started running the next morning.

Through rigorous planning and preparation we managed to reduce our client’s programme by over 30%. The work was completed within budget and without any interruption to the train service.


Barming02 The old footbridge at Barming Station was to be replaced due to its poor condition.

Barming03The central span is braced for removal by crane.

Barming04 The central span of the bridge is lifted away.

Barming05 A staircase is braced and ready for removal.