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Beckton Depot Substation Upgrade 2024

Power + Line Ltd are delighted to announce their participation as a sub-contractor to UK Power Networks to provide enabling works and services for the upgrade of the DNO intake building at Beckton Power Upgrade (Work Package 3) in east London.

Why the upgrade is necessary:

Programme 1) Docklands Light Railway Limited (DLRL) intends to procure replacement rolling stock for the Docklands Light Railway (DLR). The introduction of additional trains to the DLR network is being carried out in order to meet both projected growth in service demand and to replace the existing B92 vehicles that are nearing end of their design life.

 2) DLR operates out of two depot facilities; Poplar depot is central to the DLR network whilst the main maintenance depot is located at Beckton to the east. The depot at Poplar is used for light maintenance and stabling only and has the capacity to stable up to forty-nine single vehicles from the current fleet. All heavy maintenance activities take place at the larger Beckton depot which has the capability of stabling a maximum of one hundred and six single vehicles from the current fleet.

3) Once procured, the replacement trains will replace ninety-four 28.8m long ‘B92’ rail cars increasing the DLR fleet size and capacity through the procurement of 43 new full length (maximum 88m) fixed formation trains. The existing fleet of ‘B2007’ rail cars is not affected and will continue to operate.

 4) The replacement rolling stock will have operational and maintenance requirements which are likely to be considerably different to the existing DLR fleet. This will require the construction of new maintenance facilities at Beckton depot required to service and maintain the replacement fleet, whilst also retaining the ability to service and maintain the B2007 train fleet.

5) Beckton depot currently does not have the capacity required to stable the increase in fleet size that will result and will require the construction of additional stabling roads in a phased manner which will cater for the existing fleet without causing disruption to services. To enable the new fleet to be stabled and maintained, Beckton Depot Traction substation will need to be upgraded to accommodate the increased number of trains. The existing LVAC power system will need to be significantly upgraded with a new HV transformer room to support the existing maintenance shed and the new Maintenance Facility Building.

Aerial View of DLR Beckton Depot
Aerial View of DLR Beckton Depot

Work Package 3 to include:

  • Enabling works

Construction of DNO Building

  • Construction of DNO Building
  • Formation of Construction Base
  • Construction of DNO Building Base Slab and Upright Walls
  • Formation of External and Internal Upright Walls from Base Slab.
  • Importation of Lytag Fill Material and Placement into Basement and Concrete Over Blinding
  • Removal of Eternal Wall Perimeter Shutters and Associated Walkways and Application of Fosroc Museal DP
  • Extension of Service Ducts and Pipes from Exterior Walls of Construction and Backfilling Around DNO Building Foundation Construction – Including Construction of Cable Chamber 31
  • Installation of chamber 31
  • Installation of Galvanised Angle Bracketry to Internal Under Croft Walls and Fitment of GRP Solid Top Flooring
  • Construction of Cavity Brick and Block Wall to DNO Building
  • Installation of Concrete Roof Slab and Associated Specialist Roof Coverings, Guttering and Down Pipes
  • Supply and Installation of Doors
  • Installation of Ducts/Services from DNO Building to Various New Cable Pits. Supply and Installation of Local Drainage and Soak Away, Perimeter Walkways, Access Paths and Concrete Landings.
  • Drainage and Rainwater Run Off
  • Access Path and Perimeter Footway with Concrete Landing Aprons Outside Doorways.
  • Supply and Installation of Boundary Palisade Fence and Pedestrian Gate

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