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What We Do

Power + Line is an engineering construction company that works mainly in areas of restricted access, where Health & Safety and meticulous planning are at a premium.

We deliver a wide range of construction services, including ground works, pipe-laying and tunnelling, cable extraction, concrete formwork, surfacing, drainage and public utility works.

For Power + Line, the key element is to work where our attention to detail, our understanding of risk and our ability to resource a project effectively can be put to best use.

Whether the task is beside a railway track or within the main sewer network, if the job is time critical and needs rigorous planning from a health and safety point of view then Power + Line should be your first port of call.

Paddock Wood

Power + Line has recently been working with the established local firm, B&M McHugh, to cut back trackside vegetation and to clear drains running alongside the railway at Paddock Wood, near Tonbridge. The drains and ditches had become completely entangled over a period of many years and were no longer fulfilling their function of allowing … Continue reading Paddock Wood

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Dartford Substation

On a very windy Sunday Power + Line was on site at Dartford to assist with the installation of rain screen cladding to protect the newly installed electrical switch gear. With the line closed we were able to set up an insulated scaffold tower from which to work. Due to the constraints of short daylight … Continue reading Dartford Substation

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Swanscombe Substation

The process of upgrading the electrical infrastructure for Network Rail in Kent continues apace. Power + Line is working closely with UK Power Networks at Swanscombe to deliver a new substation on a very confined and restricted site between a chalk cliff and the railway line. The pictures below illustrate the work to date…  

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UVDB Verify

Delighted that Power + Line has passed the UVDB Verify audit with flying colours. Congratulations to all involved! Click to view UVDB Audit Certificate    

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Client Comment

A great comment from Mark Carroll, Head of Rail at Keltbray: “Tony, good to hear from you again. The feedback I’ve had on your staff and quality of work has been excellent…” Thanks, Mark! Here is a link to a case study of some of the work we did for Keltbray Rail.

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Littlebrook Safe Access

Work at Littlebrook is drawing to a close, although we will return to site in the Spring to finish landscaping the area underneath the temporary haul road. Meanwhile, we are putting in place a safe access footpath to facilitate the future maintenance of the new electrical equipment.  

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UVDB Registered

Power + Line is now registered with UVDB, the supply chain management community run for UK utilities by Achilles Group Ltd. Once again, well done to everyone involved!

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High Voltage Update at New Cross

  Power + Line recently returned to New Cross to install a permanent feeder route and to dismantle the temporary protection we set up in September. Once the site had been made safe from passing trains we built the permanent protection route to ensure reliability for the electrical connection. Job done!  

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We received our ISO-9001 Certificate this week – congratulations to all involved! ISO-9001 Certificate        

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